ALONDRA – a transsexual diary
By Carles Porta
& Danielle Schleif
Human Interest
80 min.
Produced by Antartida
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Format: 16:9

ALONDRA – a transsexual diary

Alondra is attractive, poor, an immigrant, a prostitute and transsexual. We come into her life at a critical juncture, the moment she has decided to complete her gender reassignment via a sex change operation. But she needs fast money.

We travel with Alondra from Spain to Thailand where she undergoes complicated surgeries to complete her gender reassignment. And through Alondra’s own self-shot footage, we experience her personal struggle for acceptance both in society and her own family when she flies to New York after being absent for 9 years to see the mother and extended family who knew her only as a boy.

he film explores the internal struggle of a person betrayed by her own body since infancy who makes the radical decision to change genders.