SND Films
By Robert Schinkel
53 min.
The Netherlands
Various languages
Produced by The Media Brothers
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Rain or shine, storm or chill; all year long the world is queuing up to see the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Who are all these visitors? Where are they from? And why are they here? This film watches the queue through the course of the four seasons, in search of stories from all over the globe.

Interviews with people from the line – both before and after their visit to the Secret Annex show how repression, discrimination, and dehumanization transcend the boundaries of time. We also learn that everyone in his own way feels connected to this extraordinary place. Personal stories are interspersed with passages from Anne Frank’s diary, read in many different languages by girls about the same age as Anne at the time.

Meanwhile we get an impression of everyday life as it unfolds around those waiting in line the canal boats, the street musicians, the ticket seller, the homeless man – For all its poignancy ”In Line for Anne Frank” is a document that also inspires hope.

Nominee Rockie Awards (History & Biography)

SND Films
By Various directors
2002 - 2014
Cultural / Human Interest
115 episodes x 54' min.
Produced by Avanti Media
Format: 16:9

“Into the night with…” is an award winning, 60-minute series produced for ZDF/ARTE since 2002. The series matches artists from different fields to spend an evening together in a city of their choice. The idea is to create a forum for artists to exchange ideas and also show them as “real people”. Various locations and surprises evoke spontaneous reactions and interactions between the artists, cameras that operate “fly-on-the-wall”-like add to the unusual high level of authenticity and realness. “Into the night with.” has been awarded the Adolf Grimme Preis “Spezial”, Germany’s most renowned TV-award.

Among those who met on “Into the Night” are Francesco Vezzoli & Rufus Wainwright; Boris Becker & Jamie Cullum,  Torie Amos & Hauscka, James Franco & Frank Bidart, Liza Minelli & Fritz Wepper; William Friedkin & Uli Edel; Harmony Korine & Gaspar Noé; Juliette Lewis & Crispin Glover; Wolfgang Joop & Bill Kaulitz; Garry Kasparov & Peter Thiel; Melissa Auf der Mauer & Jennifer Lynch; Christopher Doyle & Nonzee Nimibutr and many others!!! They met in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Istanbul and Zurich.