SND Films
By Joseph Lovett
72 min.
Produced by Lovett Productions
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Format: 4:3

Documentary producer/director Joseph Lovett focuses his lens on the unbridled sexual passion and exploration that marked the twelve years from Stonewall (1969) to the first reported cases of AIDS (1981). With access to a filmic and photographic treasure trove of erotic life on New York’s West Side Piers, trucks, bars, dance clubs, baths and beaches, Lovett’s cast of Storytellers (including AIDS activist and writer Larry Kramer and erotic photographer Tom Bianchi, and others) takes us from the remarkably repressed pre-Stonewall period to an era of sexual excess unparalleled since ancient Rome.

Straightforward, funny and titillating at the same time, they tell their stories with remarkable wit, humor and perspective. For younger people – those who became sexually active after the age of AIDS – this film may be a startling revelation of what everyday life was like when American youth were cutting loose from Puritanical values and ascribing to the watchword of the time “if it feels good, do it.”