SND Films
By Zane Whittingham
51' & 58' & 6 x 9' min.
Produced by Fettle Animation
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Six remarkable stories of survival from eyewitnesses of Nazi atrocities during World War 2, brought to life for a young audience through animation and a series of follow on interviews to camera.

Ruth, Martin, Trude, Heinz, Arek and Suzanne. All well spoken elderly survivors who recount their childhood experiences of Nazi atrocities; their escape from occupied mainland Europe to Britain; adapting to life in the UK; and the impact on their lives subsequently.

We also get a chance to meet the real-life survivors today in short, on-camera interviews, which reflect on the effect these experiences have had on their adult lives. They discuss why it is important to keep alive the memory of those who were murdered by the Nazis and the need for Holocaust education, and they appeal for humanity to stay vigilant so that the world may never see these horrific events repeated.

The program works as a one hour program, as well as individual shorts, combined (or not) with the live action interviews.