SND Films
By Floor Adams
Website director
29 min.
The Netherlands
Produced by Cinété Filmproduktie B.V.
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When relying on social scripts to survive the social world, it’s not easy to go off-script. Especially if you’re obsessed with German dive bombers and just want to date a girl.

Anima, Brussels Animation Film Festival 2019 – Audience Award!
Tribeca International Film Festival 2019
Go Short Film Festival 2019 – Audience Ward!

Quote: ” “Mind My Mind” is a highly original animation that portrays the
experience of an autistic young man as he navigates starting a romantic
relationship and coping with the challenges of conversation and social
interaction. The film has a beautiful message: be yourself, and
celebrate the many positive qualities of being autistic. The animation
team are to be congratulated for their insight into how to convey what
goes on inside the mind of an autistic person during everyday
decision-making, including dealing with the stresses that arise from
ambiguity and sensory overload. It is encouraging that autistic viewers
themselves have endorsed this film as a way of helping others to
understand their experience.” Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Director,
Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University”