By Hasko Baumann
52 & 70 min.
Produced by Avanti Media
Format: 16:9


French artist and author Jean Giraud is one of the most influential comic strip illustrators and authors of all time – and also one of its best kept secret. He achieved his greatest fame as Moebius – not so much a pseudonym as an alter ego. As Moebius, he revolutionized the world of comics. Giraud’s artistic influence extends far beyond Europe, all the way to the USA and Japan.
MOEBIUS REDUX is a stunning HD trip that takes the viewer inside the visionary mind of a legend. Building on Girauds’s compelling pictorial language and featuring a stellar cast of participants including the artist himself but also Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee, American comic book artists Jim Lee (X-Men) and Mike Mignolla (Hellboy) as well as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Enki Bilal and Dan O’Bannon (Dark Star, Alien), the film goes on a mind-bending tour pf imagination past, present and future. Ex-Kraftwerk legend Karl Bartos created the soundscape for the film.


“The brilliant camera work and the fast-paced editing make you feel like you’re watching Errol Morris on methamphetamines. This flick just plain ROCKS.”
(Ain’t It Cool News)

“What makes Moebius Redux extraordinary, especially on a big theater screen, is the way in which director Hasko Baumann integrated artwork into the movie. The movie is filled with layers of eye-popping art. (…) The film has something to offer for comic-book geeks, sf/fantasy film buffs or fans of well-crafted documentaries … and it is a visual treat.”

“When was the last time you were actually “transported” by a film–taken to another world for an hour and a half, and you weren’t ready to leave when the trip was done? Director Hasko Baumann has created such a film.”

“I’ll disregard the technical merits of this film (stunning HD, score by Karl
Bartos, etc etc) and just say it was a treat.”
(Harry Knowles)