By André Schäfer
& Jascha Hannover
52 & 90 min.
Germany / Netherlands
English / German
Produced by Florianfilm Gmbh
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He was one of Hollywood’s greatest writers and directors. Original footage of Wilder, conversations with his colleagues, archive and new film material document an eventful century in history and present a portrait of a man who was anything but boring.

Born Samuel Wilder in Galicia, Billy Wilder fled from Berlin as a young reporter via Paris and New York when the Nazis rose to power. He lived in many places; but it is in Hollywood that he ultimately settled. “NEVER BE BORING: BILLY WILDER” offers the viewer an intimate portrait of the star director and invites to take a glimpse at the machinery of the dream factory and Billy Wilder’s films, at their inner workings and mechanisms.

The Film offers insight into the life and mindset of a cinematic genius. Billy Wilder speaks for himself in countless original recordings and in exclusive newly filmed interviews his companions and contemporaries such as director Volker Schlöndorff, actor Mario Adorf, Swiss actress Marthe Keller and Paul Diamond, himself a script writer, son of Wilder’s most important writing partner, I.A.L. Diamond, reminisce about Wilder.

Via trailers and film extracts from his masterpieces the film documents and analyses Wilder’s cinematographic works; his tremendous standing in the industry is attested by conversations with his companions. His quotes, sometimes full of sarcasm, sometimes full of endearing humour, reveal much about the life of the famous writer and director. NEVER BE BORING: BILLY WILDER The film takes us to the places where these memories were formed.