SND Films
By Pim Zwiers
58 & 90 min.
Produced by Serious Film
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Told in amazing archival footage only, showing the turbulent life of the jewish Sam Waagenaar, a bon-vivant, who many times changed the course of his life in the 20th century.
Successfully moving from being a publicity manager for MGM in the thirties, actor in Hollywood, to operetta singer in France and war correspondent, finally ending up as a photographer travelling the world after the war. The film is based on Waagenaar’s unpublished autobiography. With a voice-over he reflects on his life, and on a tendency towards optimism that was severely tested more than once.

A life filled with surprising turns by a bon-vivant who loved travelling and who – apparently without planning in advance – successfully rolled from one job to another. In the 1930s and 1940s, he was publicity manager for MGM, operetta singer in France and correspondent and actor in Hollywood. As war correspondent, he was present at the liberation of Paris and Auschwitz. From those years on, he developed in photography and from 1946 he travelled the whole world as a journalist/photographer.