SND Films
By Various directors
2002 - 2014
Cultural / Human Interest
115 episodes x 54' min.
Produced by Avanti Media
Format: 16:9

“Into the night with…” is an award winning, 60-minute series produced for ZDF/ARTE since 2002. The series matches artists from different fields to spend an evening together in a city of their choice. The idea is to create a forum for artists to exchange ideas and also show them as “real people”. Various locations and surprises evoke spontaneous reactions and interactions between the artists, cameras that operate “fly-on-the-wall”-like add to the unusual high level of authenticity and realness. “Into the night with.” has been awarded the Adolf Grimme Preis “Spezial”, Germany’s most renowned TV-award.

Among those who met on “Into the Night” are Francesco Vezzoli & Rufus Wainwright; Boris Becker & Jamie Cullum,  Torie Amos & Hauscka, James Franco & Frank Bidart, Liza Minelli & Fritz Wepper; William Friedkin & Uli Edel; Harmony Korine & Gaspar Noé; Juliette Lewis & Crispin Glover; Wolfgang Joop & Bill Kaulitz; Garry Kasparov & Peter Thiel; Melissa Auf der Mauer & Jennifer Lynch; Christopher Doyle & Nonzee Nimibutr and many others!!! They met in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Stockholm, Istanbul and Zurich.

SND Films
By Koert Davidse
29 min.
Various languages
Produced by Serious Film

Little did Mark Janse know that what had started as a spinoff from his doctoral thesis would, more than a decade later, lead him to discover a Greek-related language that most of his fellow linguists had for decades written off as extinct.

In 2005, a couple of years after he first presented his research, Janse in 2005 received an astonishing email from a colleague at the University of Patra. Attached was a recent recording of a man saying: ‘Pateram doeka fesa epci’ (My father had 12 children). Immediately recognizing that these four words were Cappadocian, Janse found himself in tears. ’The next day, I booked a flight to Greece, and with my colleague I travelled to the village of Mandra. We really thought we were going to find the last speaker of Cappadocian.’

To their surprise they discovered that the whole village spoke Cappadocian.

In 2006 Janse spoke at an annual reunion, in Greek and a little in Cappadocian. ‘There were 5000 people there. Whenever I started saying something in Cappadocian, there was great applause. At the end, many old people were in tears, hugging and kissing me afterwards.’

He says that the sight of a foreign professor telling them that they ought to be proud of their language and culture moved them deeply, as for years Greek society had made them feel ashamed of their language because of its marked Turkish influence.

SND Films
By Angel Esteban
& Elena Goatelli
Music documentary
59 & 80' min.
Spain / Italy
Various languages
Produced by Kottom Films
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A special look into a week-long, nerve-wracking competition in which about 130 young people from all over the world, take part and of which one is to be crowned best conductor.

We see the preparations of five finalists, their love of music and the complex art of conducting. The beady-eyed jury follows every participant’s gesture and movement, who panics about blackouts, or a poorly rehearsed piece of music. Interviews are intercut with footage of the competition. The calm, soothing sounds of the classical compositions contrast more and more starkly with the rising tensions in the run-up to the final.

SND Films
By Jonathan Herman
5 X 5 min.
no dialogue
Produced by IJswater Films
Format: 4:3

Shot on various locations in Amsterdam, performed by 5 most successful young Dutch jazz artists.