SND Films
By Edda Baumann-Von Broen
Cultural / Human Interest
58 min.
Produced by Avanti Media
Format: 16:9

It doesn’t matter if you’re a model or basketball player or if you lead a very normal existence, life above 1.85m (6’) is different. Other rules apply up here. Tiiu and Michelle are successful models and are too tall for their jobs. Arianne’s mother doesn’t like her daughter’s height. Sarah is undergoing surgery to prevent her from becoming an estimated 1.90m (6’3“). Lea is taking hormones which are prohibited for children to stop her from growing. Lisa is 1,99m (6’6“) and could become a professional basketball player if she tried hard enough, but she would rather be a proper girl.

The Internet is full of girls who are distressed about their growth and willing to do anything to finally stop it. Every pediatrician has a growth chart on the wall where even young children can see whether they are normal or not.

But what’s normal? Every norm is an average statistic of many human beings. The chances of fulfilling precisely this norm are very slim. Nevertheless, we live in a society in which those around us are continually letting us know whether or not we fit in, especially when you’re a girl. Big, loud and self-confident – who wants that?

Often we become what others see in our bodies. In this film, Tiiu, Michelle, Arianne, Sarah, Lea and Lisa show how they live and feel, and how they’re coming to terms with their height. And also, what their size has made them into.

Between cries and laughter, one can’t help but fall in love with these tall girls, who bare their souls to show how difficult yet liberating living outside the norm can be.