SND Films
By Jorn Threlfall
38 min.
Produced by LenaRay Films
Format: null

Raul (Tenoch Huerta from Sundance award winner ‘Sin Nombre’) leaves his family in rural Mexico to find work in the ‘Estados Unidos’. Joining a group of mojados led by a tough coyote, he crosses the border into brutal desert. Some cannot endure the arduous trudge, and give up along the way. Raul remains determined to finish his journey. When the group is caught by ‘La Migra’, Raul, through a stroke of luck, finds himself the only one left. It seems he might be destined to make it. But then he comes across a gringo boy in the middle of this vast nowhere and all Raul has endured to do good by his family may now be for nothing. Based on an actual event.